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I know what it feels like to be stuck. Days and months or years go by as you try to shift out of behaviors that you know are not serving you. Having a hard time getting up and unmotivated to start your day.  Minimizing your talents and achievements, and believing you’ll never be as good as others around you. Striving to control your body or environment with rigid perfectionism. Overly analytical and shaming of your interactions with others or actions in your past. Becoming blank in stressful situations. Numbing out emotional experiences. Becoming overly fearful in situations that may not be that scary. Trying to logic your way out of emotions. The world starts to lack color and excitement, and becomes more gray and flat. Addictions to screens, workouts, food, alcohol become both your escape and also a source of shame. You are aware of these behaviors and they only seem to grow stronger the more you try to “defeat” them. You are seeking for that deeper connection to yourself and the empowerment of self acceptance, but you just don’t know how to get there. What you are doing is not working, and it starts to feel helpless that there can be any way out of this sadness or anxiety. 

I know this struggle well, and have been seeking for a deeper connection to myself and to people in my life. I began to shift away from the mentality of controlling my emotions and instead began to listen to them. As I did this, I began to experience the freedom of fluidity within me. I began to trust myself. You can learn this too. We will work together – you as the expert of yourself and me as a curious guide – to begin to listen to your inner wisdom. You will become the compassionate leader of your emotion rather than your emotions to be the leader of you. Together, we will help you find balance between intellect and emotion. You will learn to have a healthy internal eco-system that is self-led in a compassionately confident way. We will work towards you becoming your own therapist, working me out of the job. You will leave therapy with a connection to self and the people around you in a deeper way than ever before. It is time to love your life again. 

Who I Am

People ask me why I do this work. Individuals, couples and families with strong mental health make our communities thrive. I want to make change in our world, and for me, helping people achieve emotional strength and fluidity is the way to make lasting change… read more

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