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I am not going to tell you that everything is going to be ok. We both know that is a lie. Because “being ok” IS the problem. Being ok can be the camouflage that hides us from our pain, it keeps us in our cage. If we can’t see the pain, it doesn’t exist. If we can’t feel the pain, we continue to strive. If others can’t see our failures, they won’t reject us. 

You feel like something is “off” in your life. Instead of looking at, you might numb from that intuition in order to keep pushing. My marriage is “ok”. My job is “ok”. I am “ok.” 

For some, this might mean standing on that starting block at the state swim meet seeing everyone else’s parents but not your own. Football is more interesting. Oh… that’s ok. Or it might mean pushing yourself to run those extra miles on top of your goal for the day despite that pain in your knee. Or maybe looking at yourself in the mirror this morning was a horrible feeling that you don’t want to keep feeling. It’s ok, I’ll rest someday. For others, it may look like staying on that screen a little longer or reaching for that third drink as opposed to looking at what you are escaping from. 

Being ok keeps us in fear. Fear of our emotions, fear of disapproval, fear of not being good enough or lovable enough. Fear of failure. These two little words have tremendous power to hide us from our truest potential. We numb ourselves to be ok. It can prevent us from being fully connected to ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

It’s time to shed the outdated influence of hiding behind being ok. 

I don’t want you to strive to be ok, I want you to thrive in the freedom of true connection to yourself. 

Together, we can navigate the path of your self discovery.

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People ask me why I do this work. Individuals, couples and families with strong mental health make our communities thrive. I want to make change in our world, and for me, helping people achieve emotional strength and fluidity is the way to make lasting change… read more

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