You feel stuck. Your motivation to do things you used to do or want to do has gone away. You have doubts about yourself and just don’t feel good enough. You may feel aimless, unsure of what you are doing here. You feel sad or afraid. Your past keeps coming up and bothering you. Your relationships feel bland and are not satisfying. It seems as if you are looking out at the world from a lens of grey, and the world feels stark and cold. Your life transitions are not fluid. You feel so alone.

Individuals I work with come into my office feeling like something is blocking them from being who they want to be. Through our work together, you’ll feel heard and understood as well as challenged. We’ll establish clear, obtainable goals. You’ll walk out with better appreciation of yourself, aware of who you are, and have a clearer picture of what you want and how to get there.

Couples I work with walk into my office often feel scared and angry. They are fearful of losing their partner and angry that their relationship is just spiraling out of control. At times they feel hopeless that anything will get better and the fights will never stop. They want to feel again in the relationship and show love to their partner. They want to feel heard and respected within their relationship. Our work together will help you and your partner clearly see the negative cycle you get stuck in. You and your partner will begin to recognize that it is the “cycle” that is the problem, not the individuals. You will start to see more love, empathy and compassion for each other as our sessions progress.

I’m here to help you not just be ok with you, but really feel like you are thriving and loving your life. I am here to help you connect to yourself, your partner and your loved ones in a deeper way than ever before.

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I believe in forming a strong and trusting relationship with the individuals that I am privileged work with. Often, others comment on my warmth, patience, curiosity, creativity and calming energy. I work successfully with individuals who feel stuck; people who feel like something is blocking them from getting to where they want to be. They may have lost their motivation, self-confidence, feel sad or fearful, have difficulties in relationships, or are haunted by things that have happened to them in the past. I am attentive to how each individual takes in information, and then engage that learning style into therapy sessions. This helps to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of our treatment process. My ultimate goal is to help others be more aware of who they are…Keep Reading

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