Starting a career in mental health can be overwhelming. I remember being cut loose from graduate school feeling anxious and not believing in my skills as a new therapist. The human emotional system is complex. I had plenty of “tools” from graduate school but did not feel confident in my delivery of them. I also remember thinking, “How do I handle my own emotions as I sit in the room with others?”

The fundamental piece to therapy is being grounded as a therapist. Being familiar with your emotions and knowing how to work with them in the room is so important. This allows you to be more present and confident with your clients. As a supervisor, this is what I will help you find. As a certified Internal Family Systems therapist, I primarily use IFS in my work both as a therapist and supervisor. It is not “THE WAY” but a way of therapy. We will also engage in honing tools and skills that work for you in the room, and helping you to form a language around these tools that feels fluid and not rigid. 

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