Wilderness Counseling

Individual Wilderness Coaching

Many of us tend to live our lives in front of screens inside a building. As a culture we are becoming more and more disconnected from ourselves, from others and from wild places. Counseling is important, but sometimes being contained in a room is just not enough. For those of you who need space, going outside is an option.

Wilderness Therapy Groups 

Some of the deepest healing and connection that I have witnessed has come from working with groups in a wilderness settings. I have been with groups in the mountains, on rivers, on islands – with all kinds of inclement weather and unpredictability.  Working with the National Outdoor Leadership School we talk about how individuals and group learn “tolerance for adversity” because you have no control over the weather or landscape challenges. You learn to live simply; to work with what you have. We can only go as fast as the slowest member, so groups learn how to support one another.




Upcoming Trips:

Counseling and Social Work Graduate Student Wilderness Retreat 

Hollow Top Therapeutic Retreat. A weekend of self-connection for graduate students in a wilderness setting. Graduate school for therapy stirs up a lot within our systems. We get so focused on deepening our knowledge to feed the intellect, but we tend neglect our emotional needs and move farther away from who we are. This weekend is about finding the blocks that prevent your connection to yourself so that you walk away with a deeper, clearer understanding of self. Please contact me for more information.

Salmon River Retreat

There is no better way to experience a deeper connection to self than on the river. Join us for 5 days of rafting down the Salmon River. Experience 80 miles on the Salmon River through the Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness. The price includes transportation to and from the river from the rendez-vous point, meals, individual and group therapy, guide tips, and needed gear. Experience time slowed down without phones or technology. Each day we will save space for quiet reflection, yoga and/or meditation, as well as working through the blocks that prevent you from connection to yourself. Most of all, we’ll have fun and experience all that the river has to offer! Please contact me if you have any questions, or to sign up.

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