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A core value that I hold as a therapist is that our communities are stronger the more emotionally grounded its members are. Guiding people in the backcountry requires me to be aware of what is happening for me both physically and emotionally so that I can be there to support others. Having a background in both outdoor education and mental health, I enjoy helping to teach other professionals how to stay grounded in the face of difficult situations. Whether that is an outdoor instructor knowing what to do when a student engages in an emotional outbreak, or a healthcare professional working on a physical ailment and the client begins to engage you as their mental health therapist. 

Understanding your reactions to challenging situations and knowing how to stay grounded can help to create a safer emotional space for you and your patient/student. 

Over the last 20 years, I have been through so much training as an outdoor professional. From a NOLS instructor course, to multiple Wilderness First Responder refresher courses, and to staff training for a number of outdoor education schools. In these I picked up so many invaluable tools, but I never learned how to regulate my own responses to challenging situations. I was told “Just don’t freak out.” I felt shame when my mind went blank on what to do with a horrible looking wound or when I got angry at a student who wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t until I started working with Internal Family Systems as a therapist when I was finally taught HOW to “not freak out.”  I have a passion to bring this both to outdoor educators as well as professionals in careers that engage in helping others. Helping you to stay grounded will create a safer emotional environment. 

I’ve provided wilderness based mental health training to staff in these organizations:


The Traveling School

Montana Wilderness School

If you, a group of colleagues or a workplace would like to set aside a few hours to learn these important skills, please connect with me. 

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