Avalanche Survivors Counseling

Some of us make the choice to explore snow covered peaks. We live or play in winter environments for deeper connection to something that is bigger than us. The mountains are our mentors. We learn to listen. We risk for the benefit of truly living. Sometimes our choices to be out there do not end well, espcially in winter, despite the amount of education we have on the signs of avalanches. Living both in Montana and Colorado, I have personally encountered grief for friends lost in avalanches. Also, I and have provided many hours of counseling for survivors of avalanches, or family/friends who have lost their loved ones. These traumas present a confusing emotional spiral of despair, sadness, shame, survivor’s guilt, anger and denial. Whole communities can experience this emotional spiral at the loss of a beloved member of the winter family.  Those of us seek answers to choices for those we’ve lost. We read and re-read the avalanche reports, trying to get any more information as to “why” or “how.” I am here to be support in your grieving. If you, a family, or a group of friends are seeking help with working through the death of a loved one, please reach out. If if you have been involved in an avalanche and lost your partner, please call. You don’t have to grieve alone.

If you are interested in Avalanche Survivor Support Group, please connect with me by email or phone.


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