I specialize in work with individuals, couples and families who feel stuck. They may struggle to find a solid self-identity or struggle in their relationships. They have may have lost their motivation, their self-confidence, and feel sad, afraid or worried. Their past may be haunting them. They may feel completely alone.

I offer a warm and genuine space to explore what ever it may be that is blocking you. We will work together to form a strong relationship that you can trust. Together we find ways to cope, find your strengths and set goals that make sense to you.

My style of therapy is very accommodating and experiential. I believe and understand in the power of moving beyond talk; to use yoga, movement, music, art and the outdoors in helping people to transform their lives. Not everybody learns from just sitting and talking. Some people are more kinesthetic and learn through movement or experience. I am that way, so I know how to connect with people in that way.

I specialize in helping people find connection in their lives. A connection to yourself, the people you love and the community around you. This can look very different in each person’s healing. Some of the common themes I tend to work with are listed below:

  • Perfectionism
  • People that tend to need control (food, work, body image, etc)
  • Overly critical of self and/or others
  • People that tend to feel like the outsider
  • Folks that are overly intellectualized and tend to not feel
  • Anxiety/depression over not feeling good enough or worthwhile
  • People who have been in emotionally or physically abusive relationships
  • Wilderness guides who have trouble adjusting to “front country”
  • Athletes that are facing an aging body
  • Folks in helping professions (ski patrol, firefighters, EMT)
  • People who tend to put others needs above their own
  • People who feel lost or that they have no purpose
  • Folks who have experienced emotional abandonment – recent or past

I grew up in a rural area in North Carolina. The mountains were and continue to be the place I turn to for connection and healing. I moved out west in my early 20’s to pursue a career in outdoor education. I worked for the National Outdoor Leadership School as staff and then as an instructor. I’ve also worked in wilderness therapy as well as teenage girl wilderness programs such as Girls Using Their Strengths and Alpengirl. My husband and I moved to Montana in 2006 so that we could both pursue our master’s programs. I finished my MS in Mental Health Counseling from Montana State University in 2012. After school finished, I worked with Big Sky Youth Empowerment as a program manager and then moved into a private group practice in 2014. I love the work that I am able to do everyday, and have appreciated all of the experiences that have gotten me to this point.

I believe in living a balanced life. Work is important to me, but so is spending time with my husband (and dog) and making sure I have time for me, too. Often you’ll find me in the mountains during all seasons. I love trail running, snowboarding, backpacking, packrafting, or rowing our boat on the local rivers. I also love spending time at home cooking good meals or reading a good book by the fire.

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