People ask me why I do this work. Individuals, couples and families with strong mental health make our communities thrive. I want to make change in our world, and for me, helping people achieve emotional strength and fluidity is the way to make lasting change. Many of us spend large amounts of time in home, school and work environments where we do not have much emotional safety. I create that safety in our sessions, either online or in person. You will find that my style is authentically compassionate and curious. I will care about you and you’ll know it. Four letter words might come out of my mouth. Humor is important to healing. But, I will not let you take away your own responsibility. Nope, not that kind of therapist. Because to get unstuck you have to take back your responsibility. But we’ll do this together. You are not alone.  

I’ve lived in small mountain towns for most of my life. I grew up outside of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After a life changing NOLS semester in my early 20’s, I left the South to pursue life in the intermountain west. Mountain culture is rich and complicated – a culture that I have deeply understood since my youth. Many of us make sacrifices by choosing to live here. The struggle to maintain the family ranch or facing high cost of living while making low wages. The freedom of the mountains and rivers are priceless. However, living in these towns does come with their own mental health struggles. Depression, high anxiety, perfectionism and suicidality are rampant. Sometimes we lose sight of the presentness and fluidity that these wild places can create inside of us, and instead we turn to rigid control or striving of recreational or extracting pursuits. 

I found myself losing the joy of the mountains in my own striving for success. My husband and I woke up one dayrealizing that we had lost our path. A sense of flatness and anxiety had replaced my curiosity and joy. I noticed a disconnection to myself, my husband and to land that I had previously felt a sense of peace. We decided to re-connect on an extended ‘source to sea‘ river journey that took us 5 months to complete. On this journey, I was able to reflect on what was most important to live a fulfilled life. I was able to notice my addictions and why they were there. Over the months, I was able to find myself again and to trust that I am capable of more than I allowed myself to believe. 

My therapy is informed by life and my life is informed by my therapy. I love this work for the connection to people that it allows me to experience. I love seeing transformation in others, and how this in turn leads to more empowered communities.

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